13th of March US Congressional Meeting


1. “The imminent collapse of the United States economy to occur some time in the late 2008″
2. “The imminent collapse of the United States government finances some time around mid 2009″
3. “The possibility of civil war in the United States as a result of the collapses”
4. “The advance round-ups of insurgent US citizens which are likely to move against the government”
5. “The detention of those rounded-up at the Rex-84 camps constructed around United States”
6. “The possibility of public retaliation against members of congress for the collapses”
7. “The location of safe facilities for congress members and their families to reside during the civil unrest” [will be/are revealed]
8. “The necessary and unavoidable merger with Canada and Mexico establishing the North American Union
9. “Imminent Marshal Law

Just before that meeting, some congressmen objected to this meeting and questioning it’s secrecy. The reasons for the meeting were covered up and made ambiguous when inquired upon. Surprisingly, this was reported by mainstream media, even if only a little bit.

In the history of United States, this is only the 4th time that a secret meeting is held by the House of Representatives.

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