Although there are sites devoted to this, I wanted to make a really really brief personal list, of what’s going down in 2012, and around that time.

– Religious texts point to apocalypse & coming of Christ, the events of today can be equated with the content of the book of revelations, but similar things in other religions as well.
– Prophesy predicts the current Catholic Pope will be the last one, or more specifically that the next one will see the destruction of Rome / End of the world, also referenced in Revelations
– Ancient Civilization Prophesies about cataclysms / cosmic alignment in 2012.
– Scientific Evidence that the Earth is passing through a special area of the galaxy (correct terminology available here) which will cause many anomalies, heightened solar activity & possible polar shifts
– Related, biological evidence of a polar shift in progress, tied to many animals losing the ability to navigate around Earth in addition to other evidence.
– Planet “Nibiru”, also known as “Planet X”, also referred to as “Sira” by NASA (something like that), whom are claiming it is a red dwarf star (despite the fact that the planet is covered in water – as can be seen from X-Ray photographs available from NASA), which came out of nowhere and poses no threat (yeh right).
– Renewed Cold War between USA and Russia, specifically the possibility of the deployment of Russian forces in Cuba.
– The tensions between USA and Iran, although if a war were to begin, it would probably occur before 2012. Also, the next US election is in 2012? Hmmmm.
– Heightened alien activity, theorised to peak around 2012
– World Governments theorised to reveal truths in the very near future, by many people claiming to have allegedly worked for such authorities or claiming to have other connections with them
– Most world governments spending hideous sums of money on building new and refurbishing old nuclear shelters and underground facilities, designed for sustaining human life for long periods of time. Publicised openly on f2a TV in certain countries, but not in others.
– Published deadline for USA’s JSF and Russia’s PAK-FA aircraft fighter projects is 2011-2012 (thought it might be relevant).

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