AMD vs Intel

Intel bribe review sites and make biased compilers.

Every second Intel CPU architecture is designed in Israel, and Intel has fabs in Israel. When you buy Intel CPUs, you are supporting apartheid in Palestine.

It has been recently learned through independent reviews (ie. non-profit benchmark sites not bribed by Intel) that AMD Processors have a lot closer performance to Intel CPUs and are just as good in single-threaded games and usually better for modern multi-threaded games (like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, etc), and far better for any multi-threaded applications. And that’s comparing *non price equal CPUs*, if you consider price equal CPUs, AMD is always better!

It is a fact that AMD cpus are much better value for money than Intel, and perform excellently well.

Intel constantly releases new chipsets forcing you to upgrade more frequently than should be necessary. Each new line of CPUs has dubious performance improvements over the previous. Haswell has always been benchmarked to be only 2%-3% faster than Ivy Bridge – even though it’s an entirely “new” architecture. It will cost more AND you need a new motherboard to use it. What’s more, Intel’s new chipset has serious flaws (just google Haswell chipset problems), yet they are going ahead with production without a care. They also arbitrarily charge more for unlocked processors, and disable virtulisation instructions on them to force workstation users to buy arbitrarily more expensive CPUs still.

Use AMD, they respect your freedom, while Intel CPUs require proprietary drivers to work at all!

Boycott the Intel Compiler – it’s only getting worse!

It’s not getting better. The latest version of Intel’s SVML (small vector math library) has some functions that can only be called from processors with AVX because the input parameter is an AVX vector (YMM register). There is no logical reason why these functions should have a CPU dispatcher, yet they have two different code paths for the same instruction set: An optimized version for Intel processors with AVX and an inferior version for other brands of CPU with AVX.


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