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Stephenville UFO sighting

I’ve only just began to read about this, but there seems to be a lot of stuff about it. Check this out:

And ask yourself, do those…whatever they are look like F-16s. Unless you are horribly drunk, the answer is, No.

Ancient Civilizations knew at least as much as us

This was left behind by the Sumerians, whom existed on Earth over 8 thousand years ago.

Notice the heliocentric solar system at top right, it includes all the planets including Pluto and Charo – which were discovered by our present civilization in 1930 and 2005 respectively. It also has the object Sedna, to the right of the system. During the time of their civilization, it could have been much closer to Earth than it is now. They also have the moon on the diagram.

It can be suggested, that the information was given to them by gods, or being they perceived to be as gods.


Germany becomes First Country to admit Chemtrails Operation


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