Japan admits UFOs are here, they don’t know what they are, could be aliens


“Japan’s chief government spokesman has announced that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) exist.”

Before you jump on the “UFOs aren’t ETs” bandwagon,

“Perhaps with his tongue a little in his cheek he insisted that he believed UFOs did “definitely” exist.

Questioned about the existence of alien spaceships, Japan’s Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda thought about it and then answered carefully.

He said he had “not yet confirmed” whether they existed.”

When a government announces that there are UFOs which it cannot identify, and needs to scramble jets to intercept (obviously due to security concerns, and you don’t send fighter jets to get a visual confirmation on “birds”), and when they also refuse to state that these are not alien ships – then, hence now it is a big deal.

A big deal indeed.

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