Malaysia Airlines Flights 2014

Major & Common Themes
– MH370 landed at a US air force base in Diego Garcia
– MH370 and MH17 are the same plane model, differ only slightly in appearance due to renovations. Statistically speaking, Malaysia airlines taken in isolation has about 15 planes of this model, out of about 100.
– Singapore Airlines flight SIA-351 approached and tailed MH17 exactly immediately prior to disappearance off radar
– Independent reports of smaller plane or planes in the immediate vicinity of MH17 by air traffic controllers in Poland, Czech Republic
– Reports bodies at MH17 crash site already decomposing – must have died some time prior?
– MH17 crash site set up with undamaged books, passports, flight tickets, airplane interior artefacts, etc.
– Clear evidence of photoshopping of crash images of MH17 in western media (ie. Reuters) versus independent photography

– Crew of MH370 vs crew of MH17 ?
– Involvement of Singapore airlines or was that plane a drone with a commercial transponder?
– Involvement of Ukranian Air Force ?
– Was MH17 shot down by AA missile, or AA cannon fire (implies Ukrainian AF participation) or pre-prepared explosives (implies only US/Israeli covert ops), or was the plane not destroyed on that site at all, and instead trail Singapore Airlines flight SIA-351? This seems more likely if the wreckage consisted of parts from MH370.

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