May ….

May is going to be a huge month. Anti-Terror “exercises” planned in the USA, another Carrier Battle Group coming into the Persian Gulf, Israel gearing up for air strikes – and of course, the Large Hadron Collider is going to be turned on.

There’s a lot of other interesting things happening, and this time I’ll save the best until the end.

Large Hadron Collider Project

I once again stress how dangerous the LHC project is. As we all should know, the Standard Model is a big fat piece of shit, disagreed upon by any scientist with brains. Even it’s supports know that it does not and can not explain everything, because it is fundamentally flawed.

Now there are a lot of potential problems with the LHC, but the only which continuous to concern me most is the creation of microscopic black holes. The lead scientists behind the LHC project openly admit that this is a very real possibility, however they say that the black holes would decay too quickly to do anything, due to Hawking radiation. Why should this concern you? Because Hawking radiation is an entirely theoretical theory, which has not been proved, and which has been heavily criticized by many within the scientific community.

This is a recipe for disaster.

Bees Vanishing Quickly

Honey Bees do about 80% of all insect pollination. Einstein once said that if the bees get wiped out, all life on Earth has 4 years to live.

This is a cause for concern, as lately, hundreds of millions of honey bees have been dying.

Topic Discussion

Scientists: We’ve found creator’s tracks

Very good explanation, on why evolution is epic fail. This is my favourite part:

Based on astronomical observation and calculations employing Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, such a universe has existed for roughly 14 billion years, Ross said.

His model predicts that future scientific study will produce the following results:

Evidence for a single beginning will increase.

Evidence that time is finite will increase.

Evidence that general relativity reliably describes cosmic dynamics will grow.

Space-time theorems will strengthen.

The case for a transcendent causal agent will gain strength.

Evidence for other miraculous events will be found.

“That’s what a model is supposed to do, not just explain, but predict,” Ross said


Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine

I am a strong believer, that Nikola Tesla was the smartest man whom ever lived. So smart, I even named my server after him :D

He did a lot of famous stuff, like invent electricity! But he also worked on many interesting and secret projects. These including scalar electromagnetic weapons, to alter weather, create earthquakes, etc (google search “scalar weapons”), also Pentagon Presentation Video Recording on Soviet Weather Engineering over North America, using Scalar Electro-Magnetic Weapons. Then there are more exotic things, it is said he worked on – like laser beam weapons and The Philadelphia Project, which is downright creepy.

Nevertheless, this new find is very interesting.

There is too much information to quote, so I’ll link to the ATS discussion thread about it. The OP contains several quotes, highlights – and as expected, sources.

But basically, it’s a handheld device, which can be used to cause any structure to vibrate so violently, that it collapses. Note again the hand held part.

Tesla’s Earthquake Machine

*THE BIG NEWS*: Major Food shortages in USA, Food rationing in USA has begun, major crisis with Food production in the world

Yes, it quite literally is as grim as it sounds.

Those of you who watch the news here in Australia, may probably know that the ACCC has began an investigation, as to why the average grocery bill has drastically increased (Source). This same problem is happening elsewhere in the world.

USA has one of – if not the highest percentage of it’s total population living below the poverty line of any developed country. This global food crisis is hurting it most, which is also a result of the crashing US economy, due to the fact that the US economy is based upon the system of fail of the most epic proportions – watch ‘Money as Debt’ just a bit down in my blog.

Some interesting news stories:

Food Shortages In US-Japan Spark Fears Of World War
Food Prices Rise, Send NYC Food Bank Into Crisis
Food Rationing Hitting US Stores
Growing Rice prices present Global Rioting Potential

Good ATS Thread, many links
Another such thread

It’s no longer a matter of the affordability of certain foods. Rice alone, feeds 2.5 billion people in Asia. People in USA whom are already very poor are starving, stores in USA cannot stock common crop-based food. Every major crop exporter has now cut their crop exports, to ensure that local food prices remain steady, which is creating near-apocalyptic problems for countries whom are unable to feed themselves with their own farming produce.

Yep, shit is truly about to hit the fan.

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