Modern Warfare 2 Released – Infinity Ward forums flooded with complaints

Who else saw their forums down constantly all day today with “Too many connections” errors? Their forums are flooded with complaints, as shocking news and screenshots are posted, and silly casual gamers realise the game has no dedicated servers.

For one, IW are dirty dirty liars, the 9v9 (ie. 18 players) is actually only available on one game mode – which needs to be unlocked. Everything else is 6v6. The matchmaking system puts together players from entirely different continents, and there is often lag. The multiplayer screen and options are all directly ported from the console, and the NAT bullcrap is directly taken from the xbox360. Furthermore, actual in-game website links point to console pages on their site. Many people are having problems even connecting. There are also reports of bugs and graphics glitches, as well as incompatibility with Windows 7 (even in XP mode). It’s not possible to set or choose any (multiplayer) game options, and everything is pre-configured and un-customisable. They’ve also replaced pings with bars, to hide the fact that pings are now high as shit.

Game needs steam. There is no LAN. If you want to play with particular people, it takes a lot of effort with steam friends lists or some shit. People are also having problems connecting to private games. Also, apparently fucking around with your NAT settings is now easier than picking a server from a list.

The list of problems goes on and on…

Straight out xbox360 port proof 1:

Proof 2 (notice 360 NAT BS)

PC Bugs:

Evolution of the CoD series:

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