No economic rationale for Australian housing

“One of the central bankers present asked: ‘What’s going on in Australia?’ to which the research economist replied: ‘We’ve given up thinking about Australia. There is no economic rationale for it’,” he said in a Deloitte roundtable on the Australian mortgage industry.

As one MB poster puts it…

The worlds most overvalued banks
The worlds most overvalued houses
The worlds most overvalued currency
The worlds most over rated (AAA) government
(one of) The worlds largest private debt issue (s)
The worlds largest financial system exposure to mortgages
The worlds largest per capita migration intake
The worlds most profoundly uncompetitive exposed sector
The worlds most concentrated media
The worlds most spectacularly financially non viable and indebted media
The words most deliberately specious politicians when it comes to doing anything about the above

The worlds most utterly rooted economic narrative

Pass the popcorn, it will be a fun few years!

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