Sequestration Debate Misses the REAL Issues

Wonderful Article on why as always Congress completely fails to address the real problems of why their country is bankrupt. If you are too lazy to read…

Unnecessary military projects

Redundancy in arms and personnel

Costs which have nothing to do with defense

Waste and fraud in military spending

Wars for oil

War profiteering

Endless bailouts for the big banks

Economic policies which are destroying the real economy

Crony capitalism

Failure to enforce the rule of law, including clawing back ill-gotten gains

Shipping jobs and prosperity abroad

Paying trillions in unnecessary interest costs due to a faulty banking system

The only thing I would say is missing from the list is unsustainable entitlement spending thanks to Mr. Goldman Sachs Obama – “Healthcare is too expensive, so we gonna force everyone to buy it!”, liberal logic at it’s best. That and the aging population of fatasses.

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