Space Vehicles discovered in Earth’s Orbit using new telescope methods

With a new method of using telescopes, objects previously dismissed as stars have now been discovered to actually be objects in the Earth’s orbit.

From the above link,

By contrast, with relative scaling, this is the ISS (International Space Station) – keep in mind, it is absolutely huge with very long and wide solar panels.

In addition, the ISS has been put together over many many years, module by module, panel by panel.

These are no satellites, no space debris – nothing man has (allegedly) put into space is anywhere near that big. If you take another look at the ISS, and consider the size of a single module thereof, there do not exist any satellites bigger than that, and most are in fact even smaller – smaller than a single module of the ISS, which is clearly significantly smaller than any of these spacecraft, which are in the Earth’s Orbit.

Here is another one of these objects,

And two more very interesting looking ones,

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