The GOP supports gang rape, particularly when they are profiteering from the company that allows it

Corrupt, neo conservative pigs at their best. They think it’s okey for companies like Halliburton and KBR (major government contractors, esp. in the middle east) to allow the rape of their female employees and have employment contracts which wave their liability and victims’ ability to sue.

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Top Iranian commanders assassinated

BBC Article

Someone is clearly taking out all the top military leaders in Iran – and this could be for one reason only. In b4 Israel invades.

Ecuador’s UFO Release

As part of the Ecuadorian government’s UFO declassification effort, the military of Ecuador came forward to tell a story about how two of it’s pilots chased and played hide-and-seek with craft they say moved both intelligently and at speeds no human craft possibly can. Furthermore, they go on to say that Americans have told them these UFOs are of Extra Terrestrial origin. They further go on to say, that these encounters happen all the time. Ecuador for those who don’t know is a pan-American country.

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