Trump is unstoppable

Let’s review the last week.

It begins with Trump shitting on the entire republican party establishment by saying Bush is responsible for 911 and lied to everyone about WMDs in Iraq
Absolutely destroys Jeb on stage, booed all the way through by his shill lobbyists
At least 30 million was spent by Bush and Cruz on negative ads IN ONE WEEK against Trump.
South Carolina is 70% Evangelical, and should have been an easy Cruz win
On the debate, admitted he supports planned parenthood, IN A 70% EVANGELICAL STATE HOLY SHIT
To end the week, Trump gets into a fight with the Pope, THE POPE, whom said Trump is not really Christian

Then, against the prediction of every MSM shill rag, Trump not only wins, but he WINS EVERY SINGLE CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT GETTING 100% OF DELEGATES IN A RECORD-BREAKING VOTER TURNOUT in South Carolina.

Jeb pulls out of the race, having pissed away $150 million lobbyists dollars (Trump spent $1.7m in South Carolina)
Republican Establishment imploding, literally shitting themselves
Trump continues to literally troll Obama on twitter


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