University of Australian Real Estate

Finally, we can be privy to all the secrets of what they teach real-estate agents.

There are some legit things here for sure, here are some of my favourites;

Principles of Economic Myopia and Shortage Fabrication (ECON 1019)
Fundamentals of Property Fraud (COML 2028)
Elective: Realtors – Ignoring and Returning Calls at the Most Inopportune Time (CALL2715)
Lobbying the Political Process (LUNC3001)
Misinformation and the Media (MISM3002)
Property Investment: Boasting, Ostentation & Public Smugness (WANK3016)
Land Supply and Demand in the Most Sparsely Populated Continent on Earth (BULL3471)

University of Australian Real Estate – 2012-2013Draft

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