US Torture, Mars Photo, Alien/UFO Sceptics, Possible Ghost Vids

US Torture

Have a look at this article. Has a pic which you may or may not find graphic, I don’t know…I don’t find anything graphic anymore.

Mars Photo

Here is a photo, of what appears to be a living creature – more specifically, an up-right walking beight.

I’m not sure what an alien would be doing walking in the middle of mars, but I’d rather not theorise without having the image put into a larger contex (who knows, there may be a spaceship just outside of the photograph?).

ATS Discussion Thread – many for/against arguments there.

PS. I feel really sorry for non-linux users or linux users whom don’t have compiz, because you can’t easily zoom in, while maintaining photo quality like I can.

UFO Sceptics

I say this constantly, but someone made a very nice post summarising my feelings entirely, on the matter at which sceptics truly fail at – eyewitness accounts and reports. Any idiot can claim that a certain photo is photoshopped or a certain video is CGI, but nobody can come up with a reasonable explanation for people’s testimonies.

Numerous countries, perhaps more notably Brazil, Russia and the UK have de-classified and released all of their files and documents related to UFOs/Aliens. These usually contains tens of thousands of reports and accounts, submitted by ordinary citizens, military personal and government officials. They may also contain some photos.

Overall, if you add all the eye-witness accounts from every country, going back many decades to when records started to be kept in those respective countries, I do not doubt for a moment that you would have over 100,000 of them in total.

And perhaps some are a little bit silly, but there are countless which are incredibly convincing, where it’s obvious that no other explanation is possible, especially the countless instances where aliens were seen by people, people from more or less every country in the world, no matter how remote or small.

Some of these reports range from bad experiences of abduction and testing, to mere pranks apparently pulled by aliens and contact being peacefully made, to incredible accounts of aliens coming to remote villages in 3rd world countries, and curing people with chronic and terminal illnesses and diseases, such as cancer, complete lack of eye sight, failing organs, and other things. And of course, many of them are simply sightings – sometimes ambiguous, sometimes clearly of craft which could have no Earthly origin, craft which move at astronomical speeds, cloak, spin, change colours and shapes, or look abnormal. Needless to say, none of them look like air vehicles from Earth.

Eat that, sceptics.

Ghost Vids

Wondering whether this stuff is real or not. Many arguments for either side can be stated.

All from the same guy, same house.

I’m going to probably go with plausible, because this type of thing is not undocumented nor unheard of, but at the same time, it may be possible to fake, if the guy was an absolute genius, with a large amount of resources.

It would be a simple matter of checking out his story, personally, to figure out if he’s lying or not.

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