Why Australia is a terrible place to live – the complete failure to develop Sydney

Have a look at that beauty. That could be Sydney. Everyone can have cheap, spacious apartments close to work. Chinese investors are tripping over each other to give us their money to invest in infrastructure and housing, consortiums have drawn up ambitious plans – a $100Bn redevelopment of inner Sydney. We must build up. And yet the parasitic politicians will not allow it.

I, like 5 million other Australians live in a very overpopulated city with not enough housing nor infrastructure, most accommodation amounts to overpriced cockroach infested shoeboxes. One would think something should be done about this, yet only in Australia can there be consumer demand, investor money, plans to do what is long overdue, what makes complete and perfect sense – and for all of it to never get off the ground, because of our worthless politicians are hell bent on stopping the free market from delivering prosperity to the people.

For the hopeful, have a look at the Aspire Sydney proposal. Three stories of highway and 24 rail lines half of which are high-speed rail going west – it’s enough infrastructure to last Sydney for the rest of the Century. A truly modern transportation system which will serve over 100 new high-density apartment blocks between central and Strathfield. A man can dream…

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