Youtube merged with Google+ aka Fuck You Google

I don’t even know where to begin.

This morning I went to youtube to start my day with a bit of kpop, surprise surprise it automatically created a Google+ account for my youtube account/channel. Whatever I thought, the last time they did this shit (half a year ago or so), it was actually pretty straight forward to unlink them and delete the g+ account entirely. This time however there was no option or note about any of that – but I didn’t have time to mess with it, I had to go to work.

Now I come home in the evening, after work and 3 hours at the gym, eager to listen to some kpop – really dying to listen to some kpop. I open up youtube, and get an annoying “which account would you like to use?”. The youtube account I had up to this morning – which now had my very old youtube channel icon for some reason, or this new g+ linked one. I picked the old one.

All my playlists are gone, all my videos are gone, all my settings are gone, everything is gone. Well fuck, thanks Google. Being offered no choice, I switch accounts up the new google+ linked one (both accounts seem to have the same link somehow though). Playlists and videos are there but all my settings are gone, all layout options are gone, everything is default, which is really fucking annoying. Now the first thing I want to do is change my channel icon back to a certain Korean cutie pie.

But guess what? I have to log into my shiny new Google+ account that I didn’t ask for nor consented to the creation of to do this. Well great. I go on Google’s IRC to complain, and I find out that from now on you must also like videos with your Google+ account. Fantastic. I’ll be sure to ask my coworkers if I can have anal with my hypothetically hypothetical girlfriend as well – because apparently that’s how things should work, and privacy is not relevant either.

Even worse, now I can see things changing about my YouTube channel as I am using it, as though someone from Google has realised how much they fucked up and are desperately trying to fix their shit.

Update: I am slowly figuring out how to undo this clusterfuck.

My feedback as to why I'm unlinking Google+ From Youtube, for the third fucking time

My feedback as to why I’m unlinking Google+ From Youtube, for the third fucking time

Everything seems to be back to normal after unlinking the accounts.

PS. Good thing I don’t live in Nazi USA, otherwise I could probably reasonably expect the FBI to raid my apartment in the middle of the night just because.

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