More Cultural Marxism

Not really sure what’s going on here, but the libtardation looks hilarious.

Pretty funny thread on /int/ tonight, about fat acceptance but obviously degenerated into overall how much of a culturally Marxist shithole most Western countries are becoming.

>Travelling through Transnormative Zone B28
>Have to make my way through the checkpoint
>The tubs of lard stare at me as I walk past
>Fat security guard stops me
>”Excuse me Xir, I need you to come with me”
>Pulls me aside and pulls out an electronic device
>I’m told it’s a privilege checker
>Am told that if I want to pass through, I need to pass the privilege test
>Xhe inserts the checker into my anus
>The machine starts furiously
>The security guard blankly stares at me with horror
>Pulls out Xer ambiguously beige-toned walkie-talkie
>”Womynists, we have an unchecked ableist privilege abuser on the main floor!”
>It’s only a matter of seconds before I’m surrounded by non-binary trans-speciests
>Xhey hold me down as the others pull out their trident dragon dildos and assfuck me
>I’m smeared in glitter and lipstick as they hiss and call me cis scum
>They release me
>”How are you feeling now?”
>”I’m a…”
>”I’m a non-binary fat acceptance pro-beastial semitic afro-centrist quadriplegic”
>They let me get on with my day and I get back to my commuting

>live in Tolerance Zone #65
>be nu-trans fourth trimester transsensual Angst Profile ZETA-8 genderqueer pseudo-dyke reformed lesbiophilic heteromollusc
>see cis thin white male at the zoo
>ask “mommies, what’s that?”
>they don’t know
>Genderless Polyamorous Parental Unit #2 takes me into a Safe Zone and engages the Feelings Shield
>tells me that it is a monster from the beforetime
>tells me not to be scared, because the monsters’ penisocracy was smashed by the forces of the LBJQGTA5 Coalition in the Patriarchy Wars
>start to cry
>s/he opens his and/or her rainbow mesh vest and retrieves an estrogen pill to cheer me up
>feeling the calming femininity wash over me
>s/he tells me that the monsters aren’t allowed to hurt anyone anymore, only to work, to support our glorious society
>throw Privilege Peanuts at him
>everyone laughs
>take some soma
>go home and read some consensus-approved feelings-safe literature

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