Japan admits UFOs are here, they don’t know what they are, could be aliens


“Japan’s chief government spokesman has announced that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) exist.”

Before you jump on the “UFOs aren’t ETs” bandwagon,

“Perhaps with his tongue a little in his cheek he insisted that he believed UFOs did “definitely” exist.

Questioned about the existence of alien spaceships, Japan’s Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda thought about it and then answered carefully.

He said he had “not yet confirmed” whether they existed.”

When a government announces that there are UFOs which it cannot identify, and needs to scramble jets to intercept (obviously due to security concerns, and you don’t send fighter jets to get a visual confirmation on “birds”), and when they also refuse to state that these are not alien ships – then, hence now it is a big deal.

A big deal indeed.

Space Vehicles discovered in Earth’s Orbit using new telescope methods

With a new method of using telescopes, objects previously dismissed as stars have now been discovered to actually be objects in the Earth’s orbit.


From the above link,

By contrast, with relative scaling, this is the ISS (International Space Station) – keep in mind, it is absolutely huge with very long and wide solar panels.

In addition, the ISS has been put together over many many years, module by module, panel by panel.

These are no satellites, no space debris – nothing man has (allegedly) put into space is anywhere near that big. If you take another look at the ISS, and consider the size of a single module thereof, there do not exist any satellites bigger than that, and most are in fact even smaller – smaller than a single module of the ISS, which is clearly significantly smaller than any of these spacecraft, which are in the Earth’s Orbit.

Here is another one of these objects,

And two more very interesting looking ones,

Reorganised my 4chan Repository

I have completely reorganised my 4chan repository, to make it much easier to look up and find wanted images.
It is now organised into the following folders:

./animals = Funny stuff involving animals
./commie = Communist Propaganda
./fail = Fail Related Images
./for_forums = Various images to be used on forums, and for insults in general
./inside_jokes = You need not bother looking, unless you are a /b/tard
./mine = The small amount of stuff I have made
./political_satire = Just as it says, political satire and images about other political issues
./tech&games = Funny images relating to technology, games, science and studies
./ = General funny stuff which doesn’t fit in anywhere else

Get all yer images right here!!!


It’s not the economy, stupid

” There is growing recognition that economic activity is a means to the end of human wellbeing rather than an end in itself. The economy should be the servant of society, rather than society the servant of the economy.

An opinion poll conducted since the election confirms those held before it which showed that more voters were concerned about health, education, workplace relations and climate change than about taxation, interest rates or prices. ”

Continued here:

Opening my 4chan Repository to the world

Indeed. As of this day, I’m uploading all of my 4chan pics (95% are from /b/), and will keep synchronising them.

All pics are guaranteed to be either funny or communist (or insulting or interesting). I don’t have any inappropriate pics either, so it’s work-safe :D


I will try and better organise it into folders and stuff later =/