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Georgia, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Russia

First of all, the Great United States of America and it’s Freedom of Press – in all it’s glory!!!

I suppose it’s still not half as bad as the great, unbiased CNN translating, “The Georgians destroyed my house in Tskhinvali!” to “The Russians destroyed my house in Gori!”, as cried so by an elderly woman.

Of all the biased and propagandist medias in the world, the US media must be the worst.

tl;dr on the Georgian Situation:

And isn’t Mr. Saakashvili a great actor? “WE’RE A DEMOCRACY! THEY HATE OUR FREEDOM! ZOMG!!”

Says he after rigging the last election, ordering the army to beat and arrest protesters, and take control of all media. If you watch the world news, I’m sure you remember all this happening at the start of this year.

So after 3 days of Georgia attacking South Ossetia, and specifically targeting civilians – as confirmed by the Humanitarian Rights Watch – and after two failed UN Security Council meetings called by Russia – failed because USA and it’s allies refused to do anything or even to condone the actions of Georgia, after 2,000 South Ossetians were slaughtered by Georgian forces – whom threw grenades into populated buildings, burned them to the ground, ran over civilians with tanks, and fired into basements where people were hiding – Russia went in to end the bloodshed, and guess what Condi says?

“These aren’t the days of 1968, when Russia can invade a sovereign country, take it’s capital and conduct a regime change”.

Well fuck, can someone please remind her of a little country known as Iraq?

The overall rhetoric and double-standards seen in western media at the moment is nothing short of humorous.

Forget about the fact that South Ossetia declared independence following a vote of 99% in favour by 95% of the population, observed by 34 independent countries – mostly members of EU, and has been under the observation of peacekeepers ever since. Sure, Kosovo can do this – but only because it serves in the interests of NATO. When it’s the other way around, by god – nobody gets independence!

Forget about the fact that it was Georgia whom initiated the conflict, launching a full-scale invasion of South Ossetia, breaking their agreement with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Forget about the genocide and ethnic cleansing which the Georgian military committed there.

No, what happened there was, that the big bad Russians went in and invaded a sovereign country for the lulz, and must be punished. Of course…that’s what happened…right…

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Saakashvili Caught Out on CNN

CNN Reporter: (interrupting) “Mr. President are you denying that Georgian forces used artillery and tanks to shell Tskinvali?”

Saakashvili: (slackjawed, deer-in-headlights pause) “Georgian troops responded to the fire from Tskinvalli and from the Russian border…”

CNN: “Fine, responding, Mr. President I’m not worried about whether it was a response, I’m wondering whether they fired INTO Tskinvali, they did didn’t they?”

Saakashvili: “They… They fired only at the positions. That was my strict instructions. They… (picks up highlighter and starts gesturing) they have a right to respond”… (starts ranting)

And just listen to all that BS he goes on about. Of course…the Russians were evacuating people from South Ossetia prior to their “invasion”, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the GEORGEN SHELLING OF SOUTH OSSETIA. This imbecile needs to be assassinated.

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