More Cultural Marxism

Not really sure what’s going on here, but the libtardation looks hilarious.

Pretty funny thread on /int/ tonight, about fat acceptance but obviously degenerated into overall how much of a culturally Marxist shithole most Western countries are becoming.

>Travelling through Transnormative Zone B28
>Have to make my way through the checkpoint
>The tubs of lard stare at me as I walk past
>Fat security guard stops me
>”Excuse me Xir, I need you to come with me”
>Pulls me aside and pulls out an electronic device
>I’m told it’s a privilege checker
>Am told that if I want to pass through, I need to pass the privilege test
>Xhe inserts the checker into my anus
>The machine starts furiously
>The security guard blankly stares at me with horror
>Pulls out Xer ambiguously beige-toned walkie-talkie
>”Womynists, we have an unchecked ableist privilege abuser on the main floor!”
>It’s only a matter of seconds before I’m surrounded by non-binary trans-speciests
>Xhey hold me down as the others pull out their trident dragon dildos and assfuck me
>I’m smeared in glitter and lipstick as they hiss and call me cis scum
>They release me
>”How are you feeling now?”
>”I’m a…”
>”I’m a non-binary fat acceptance pro-beastial semitic afro-centrist quadriplegic”
>They let me get on with my day and I get back to my commuting

>live in Tolerance Zone #65
>be nu-trans fourth trimester transsensual Angst Profile ZETA-8 genderqueer pseudo-dyke reformed lesbiophilic heteromollusc
>see cis thin white male at the zoo
>ask “mommies, what’s that?”
>they don’t know
>Genderless Polyamorous Parental Unit #2 takes me into a Safe Zone and engages the Feelings Shield
>tells me that it is a monster from the beforetime
>tells me not to be scared, because the monsters’ penisocracy was smashed by the forces of the LBJQGTA5 Coalition in the Patriarchy Wars
>start to cry
>s/he opens his and/or her rainbow mesh vest and retrieves an estrogen pill to cheer me up
>feeling the calming femininity wash over me
>s/he tells me that the monsters aren’t allowed to hurt anyone anymore, only to work, to support our glorious society
>throw Privilege Peanuts at him
>everyone laughs
>take some soma
>go home and read some consensus-approved feelings-safe literature

University of Australian Real Estate

Finally, we can be privy to all the secrets of what they teach real-estate agents.

There are some legit things here for sure, here are some of my favourites;

Principles of Economic Myopia and Shortage Fabrication (ECON 1019)
Fundamentals of Property Fraud (COML 2028)
Elective: Realtors – Ignoring and Returning Calls at the Most Inopportune Time (CALL2715)
Lobbying the Political Process (LUNC3001)
Misinformation and the Media (MISM3002)
Property Investment: Boasting, Ostentation & Public Smugness (WANK3016)
Land Supply and Demand in the Most Sparsely Populated Continent on Earth (BULL3471)

University of Australian Real Estate – 2012-2013Draft

Gold Is A Barbeque Relish

This is CPed (that is, cross-posted) from ZH which is CPed from Across The Street.

My Doctor’s an idiot. A few years ago, he started expressing concerns about my weight, pointing at this chart supposedly showing how much a man of my height should weigh. One glance at his stupid chart and it was clear to me that he had completely misdiagnosed my condition. There was nothing wrong with my weight, I just wasn’t tall enough. Clearly I needed to grow my way out of this. So I went home and googled “how to stimulate growth.” Once I got past the all the baldness cures and penis pumps (it’s not my bag, baby), I found hundreds of papers so incredibly boring I knew they had to be true. In no time, I was able to design and implement my own stimulus plan based on the irrefutable scientificky principles of Nobel prize winners and other people so smart they never had to do an honest day’s work in their lives. Despite the difficulty climbing stairs, I was feeling pretty good about things until my last check-up….

“Hi, Doc.”

“Hi,” he said, examining my file. He looked up, “You’ve put on twenty pounds since the last time I saw you”

“Thanks for noticing,” I beamed.

He frowned. “I remember now. You’re the guy on the diet designed to make you grow. What’s that called again?”

“The Keynesian Plan.”

“Is that the one where you eat bacon and cheese, but not vegetables?”

“No,” I replied, “But I have incorporated some elements of that plan” (I don’t like vegetables).

“And how’s this whole Keynesian thing working out?” he asked.

“I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed. I’ve only grown and inch and a half so far, but..”

“No you haven’t,” he interrupted, pointing, “You’ve just got those stupid elevator wedges in your shoes to make you look taller.”

“They’re to get me acclimated to being taller.”

“Which you’re not,” he declared. “I told you, you’re fully grown. The only thing you’ve succeeded in doing is collapsing you arches and giving yourself Type 2 Diabetes.”

“We Keynesians call things like that “unintended consequences” (I used finger-quotes to let him know it was a technical term). And trust me, Doc, I’m no happier about them than you. Can I see that height-weight chart of yours again?”

He handed me the chart. After a moment, I sighed, “Looks like I’ll have to do more QE.”


“Quantitative eating. It’s how you stimulate growth, Doc. It’s technical.”

“Oh,” he said. “Because it sounds an awful lot like what we in the medical profession call “stuffing your fat face” (giving me finger-quotes, but in a condescending, not-at-all-helpful kind of way).”

I tried to stay calm and empathize. “Doc, it’s not your fault you haven’t been educated about Keynesian principles. They only teach it at top-notch schools like M.I.T. and Harvard. I don’t know about you, Doc, but I feel better knowing that no matter what happens on election day, the White House will be occupied by someone who attended Harvard.”

“As did the Unabomber,” he added.

“Still better than the bumblefuck medical school you went to!” I snapped.

“Johns Hopkins?” he queried, thrusting his eyebrows up.

“John Hopkins.” I corrected (Friggin’ Idiot!)

“Tell me, how are you paying for all this stimulus?”

“Food Stamps…and my ex-wife’s credit card.” (I just knew he wasn’t going to understand this part…)

He looked at me with a curious mixture of confusion and utter disgust. “What….Does she even know?”

“I’m no Dr. Bernanke, but I know one of the most important aspects of Keynesian stimulus is sticking someone else with the bill. It works out better for everyone if the victim, er , stimulus provider is unaware. She’ll be OK. I’m going to make it all up to her.”

“Really? How?”

“Look at your damn chart, Doc!” I bellowed. “I’m going to be taller than Shaq when all this stimulus kicks in! Can you say NBA contract?“

“No,” he said, unimpressed, “just over-sized casket.”

(I could tell he was about to launch into another one of his “austerity” sermons. You know, “Consume less, do more, stop spending other people’s money, blah-blah-blah.” Pinhead. Obviously Dr. Quackenstein was beyond all hope.)

“No offense Doc, but I need help from people with a better understanding of these things. Any chance you can refer me to the Mayo clinic?”

“Is that where the treat illness with mayonnaise?”

“Yes,” I said.

“No,” he said, and walked out.

As I sat down to rest in the lobby on the way back to my car, I remembered that the key ingredient to the Keynesian system is confidence and realized that what I was feeling, beside the tingling sensation in my left arm, was nothing more than the sting of rejection felt by true visionaries like Jon Corzine and the Octomom.

So if anyone asks, I’m at the grocery store.

What really rustles my jimmes

By now, I’m sure everyone knows that every single man everywhere must be a pedophile. Well on those grounds, Virgin decided that men must be forced to move if they are sitting next to unaccompanied children, and if they refuse, they must be publicly humiliated.

Of course statistically speaking, children are most likely to be sexually molested by familiy members – and yet, I do not see Virgin banning family members from sitting next to their chidlren? Furthermore, what is the proportion of unaccompanied children tha just so happen to be sitted next to men, as opposed to children travelling with their family members? I wonder. Such hypocricy is unbelievable, and is a sure sign of the times we live in, when every day men are deprived of more and more human rights, discriminated upon in every way imaginable, and are treated like barn animals.

Let’s not forget that airlines now have “female only” bathrooms as well. All while women are still allowed to use the unisex bathrooms. I wonder how long it is before men are not allowed to fly on a plane at all?

But as if all that wasn’t bad enough, now there’s this:

Big Sis Janet Napolitano ‘promoted woman with whom she had a ‘long relationship’ while her female staff tormented male colleagues with ‘sexually charged games