Modern Health Concerns

Explaining why Fluoride and Aspartame are bad

For those who don’t know, the former is a poison added to tap water in retarded countries – primarily USA and Australia (ffffuuu-), and the latter is an additive to “low fat” and “low sugar” food, for stupid people who actually believe it is somehow magically better.

Who runs Monsanto anyway?

Are they perhaps the most evil food related company in the world? How many products have they now made which endanger human lives? Over 9000 surely.

This video is about a particular product (which thankfully seems to be banned everywhere except USA), which causes cancer amongst other things. It stems from Monsanto’s steroids injected into cows to increase their milk output. Two Fox reporters tried to do a story on it, but were threatened, bribed and fired with the investigation consequently nor airing. Just what you’d expect from anything owned by the gover- I mean, Rupert Murdock, no doubt. “Faux News – we make it up, you buy it!”. And of course the FDA is a corporate puppet as well.

Cancer Treatment

On a positive note, apparently there is a cheap and safe drug which kills most types of cancer, but the news ain’t gonna report that one!
New Scientist article.

What is this, like 50 UFOs all at once?

Never seen anything like this…