Going Cloudflare

Putting the site onto cloudflare because it’s using more server resources than every other site on my server combined apparently (which is actually somewhat unusual).

Thus expect teething issues, like for instance I can’t seem to access the images subdomains for some reason, so hopefully that will be fixed soon.

We WordPress Now

Previously using an over 4 year old version of Drupal, I have finally done away with it and installed a fresh version of WordPress. I’ve imported all the old posts, but everything else (ie. comments, 99.99% of which were spam) didn’t make the switch, which is fine. Moving forward, I hope that legitimate users will be able to comment and spam will be blocked, as opposed to the old situation whereby legitimate users were met with fatal PHP errors and spambots somehow got through every anti-spam plugin I had installed…as well as non-functional comment functionality.

Without further delay, let us continue with pseudo-intellectual humour and news.