Nazi US: Truth Is Too Dangerous to Disclose

Similarly, America has – little by little – gone from a nation of laws to a nation of powerful men making laws in secret. Indeed, even Congress doesn’t know half of what others are doing.

Secretive, unaccountable agencies are making life and death decisions which effect our most basic rights. They provide “secret evidence” to courts which cannot be checked … and often withhold any such “evidence” even from the judges. For example:

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Youtube is broken

Jimmies Rustled

I cannot !@#$ing stand youtube anymore – and its not even because of the damn ads which you can in fact get rid of with adblock. No – these problems are much worse;

1. Playlist Video Order
Back many many many years ago – decades ago even, the way to re-order a list of items on a web page may have involved check-box selecting relevant entries and choosing to move them to the top or bottom. But for one of the biggest companies – a company whose sole purpose it is to make web products, to continue using this most antiquated and ridiculous method in the year twenty fucking thirteen is nothing short of ridiculously embarassing. Why does youtube not allow me to drag and drop my playlist videos to re-order them?

2. Default Video Quality
The current option which reads something along the lines of “I have a fast connection, always play high-quality” is fucking useless. It will randomly play 480p when 720p is available, and never ever play 1080p when lower resolutions are available – sometimes still using 480p! Why the shit is there not a simple option which states, “Always play the highest possible quality available in every fucking video”?

3. Player Size
The most consistently annoying problem is the non-adjustable player size. The player size is always a specific proportion of the browser window size. This basically means people with bigger monitors get to see bigger players. Note that I am not talking about the two player size options – small and large (or whatever you want to call it) which are available at the bottom right. No – I mean the dynamic resizing of the player which depends on the browser window.

Now, quite frequently, I for one, want to play videos in a window which takes up somewhere around 1/2 or 1/3 of my monitor. The problem then is that once you resize your browser window down to 30% or 50% of your monitor resolution, the youtube player will also resize down the same to match the new size of the browser window. THIS IS NOT FUCKING ACCEPTABLE, THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT. What I want is to play videos at 720p-1080p, with a large player size – but without having my browser take up all of my screen. Why is this not possible? Why are users not given any power at all to set the player size according to what they want?

4. Why always with the shitty design
I’ll also take this opportunity to state that every single re-design of the UI they do makes everything worse, and results in less utilisation of my monitor’s resolution. There is no reason a company as big as google cannot have the manpower to make different layouts for different form-factor devices. If I have a 1440p display, I should not have to see most of it go to waste. It’s really not that fucking hard google – up your game you fucking failures.

5. Fuck you Google
The worst part is their feedback thing down the bottom. It is the most pathetic and useless piece of crap ever. The maximum length of the feedback is roughly equivalent to one TXT message, so none of this can even be explained properly.

You really do suck at making products Google.

A kind individual has showed me a Chrome extension which fixes many of these issues – player size and default video quality in particular. I must say, this has totally changed my life. Unfortunately I now have to watch youtube on the botnet browser because the extension is for some reason not available for firefox.

University of Australian Real Estate

Finally, we can be privy to all the secrets of what they teach real-estate agents.

There are some legit things here for sure, here are some of my favourites;

Principles of Economic Myopia and Shortage Fabrication (ECON 1019)
Fundamentals of Property Fraud (COML 2028)
Elective: Realtors – Ignoring and Returning Calls at the Most Inopportune Time (CALL2715)
Lobbying the Political Process (LUNC3001)
Misinformation and the Media (MISM3002)
Property Investment: Boasting, Ostentation & Public Smugness (WANK3016)
Land Supply and Demand in the Most Sparsely Populated Continent on Earth (BULL3471)

University of Australian Real Estate – 2012-2013Draft