Sweden – worst country in Europe?

Police in Sweden raid 70 gyms and arrest 40+ people on suspicion of steroid use, because they are considered “too muscular”.

In a country where blonde-haired women are forced to dye their hair black in wide parts of the country to avoid being raped by packs of Muslims and Africans which their government so eagerly continues to import by the hundreds of thousands, you’d think their police would have something better to do?


Aussie Economics Stuff

I haven’t read the MacroBusiness superblog (the only place to get informed about the Australian economic and investment climate) in almost a month due to general laziness, and will be catching up. This post is an aggregation of interesting stuff (according to me) that has been reported on the blog in that period of time.

MB’s Presentation of Housing Supply Price Volatility – Basically cite this anytime any retard says “herp derp Australian house prices high because of not enough supply in the most sparsely populated continent on Earth”.

Australia is most uncompetitive country in the world (or to be more precise, our currency is presently the most over-valued):

How investors are causing the Australian housing market to stagnate – Simple solution: Get rid of negative gearing.

Cultural Marxism in Europe – What’s the status?

Sweden, 48% of assault rapes committed by non-western immigrants

Immigrants in Norway are a net loss to the economy

Immigrants in Sweden are a net loss to the economy

Public opinion in most countries are not in favor of immigration

Norway has begun to self-segregate pupils based on ethnicity to avoid ethnic conflict even with just a tiny bit of diversity

Increases in diversity correlate with problems worldwide, and the downsides of diversity effect everyone, it’s a universal human problem

Increased diversity correlates sharply with decreased community spirit, decreased altruism, depressed social capital, less ethical behaviour, more crime, fear, isolation and depression

Diversity experiments in Germany end in disaster

In the UK, ethnic minorities disproportionate source of crime and asocial behaviour
Source 2

Denmark saved billions by restricting immigration