Possibly my best cooking yet

On the left is a salad consisting of;
– Mixed lettuce
– Cucumber
– Tomato
– Capsicum
– Crab
– Onion
– Flaxseed Oil

On the right we have;
– Boiled Fresh Ocean Trout
– Free Range Chicken Eggs
– Avocado
– Kimchi
– Wakame

And to help it go down, the highest quality juice in the world – Preshafruit Pink Lady Apple.

Planet Fagness

Imagine a gym chain which hates their customers making progress, which hates their members getting better, which prays on their members insecurities and thrives off their lack of progress. Well in America, such a gym exists.

Sweden – worst country in Europe?

Police in Sweden raid 70 gyms and arrest 40+ people on suspicion of steroid use, because they are considered “too muscular”.

In a country where blonde-haired women are forced to dye their hair black in wide parts of the country to avoid being raped by packs of Muslims and Africans which their government so eagerly continues to import by the hundreds of thousands, you’d think their police would have something better to do?