Apple gets iTold

Imagine an iPad. Now image it runs on Intel hardware. Imagine it runs Android. Imagine it costs 1/5th of what the iPad costs (so $100 USD).

Basically imagine an iPad, but one which doesn’t incredibly suck so as to be a totally crippled device, flogged off for a massively overpriced cost (ie. not made by apple).

I introduce to you…the iPed!

It’s already on sale at some online stores.

This gives you an idea of just how ridiculously everything made by Apple is overpriced. Imagine that almost all of the money you are spending on an apple product will be pure profit, and is not necessary for the product R&D nor manufacturing.

Goes to show how completely and utterly retarded apple users are.

Apple = TOLD

(Especially quickly this time!)

Update: Apple just getting told all over.

I proclaim Apple to be more evil than Microsoft

Update Ninja Edit: Apple slave labor suicide rate in chine at an all time high.

Apple raids the shit out of this guy’s home after he gives them back the iphone, using an illegal warrant. They are on the committee of companies who control the special tech taskforce which did this.
Furthermore, they drove an employee of an associate company who manages iphone shipments to suicide last year, with physically violent interrogations after he allegedly lost one such iphone.

And just look at the crap they have planned,

This is of course in addition to the typical stuff…

Quantum Teleportation achieved at a distance of 10 miles

I’ve always wanted Australia to be able to instantly (0ms ping) hook up to Europe and USA so that we wouldn’t have to pay massive amounts for Internet connections, and can play games on more server; and this perhaps brings us closer to that reality.