If you play Cybernations

It’s finally happened and NPO is going down big time. This is the first time they have lost a war since the dawn of the game in 2006. Finally, their control of the game, their dispicable and disgusting actions, their destruction of countless alliances & communities and their driving away of some 10,000 players from the game has been put to an end.

If you haven’t seen it yet, listen to this – Ejrazz’ message to NPO.

Also, if you don’t play – then come and register at www.cybernations.net , and join my alliance – www.darkfist.net
CN is the best game ever, and takes very little time (except during wars :P) to play. It’s a very good political, nation building and war simulator – so if you’re into politics, simulators, or just generally blowing shit up (or all three – like me), then you will deeply enjoy it. Also, it doesn’t cost anything.

I’m the NPO and I say spying is bad,
in fact, its makes little children sad,
and tends to get us mad,
Cause we have been caught, but deny we ever had,
Anything to do with it, which we think is a fact.
But if you disagree, we think you’re out of whack,
and we tend to act, like we are better cause we know how to attack,
and win wars honorably, by stabbing allies in the back, wait you faked them logs, I NEVER SAID THAT!

We’re as innocent as OJ, there is no way, we are ever wrong,
I hope you understand, Okay? You’ll be blown away, thrown away, and shown today,
as an example and trampled you’ll be known as prey.
Voice opposition we’ll make sure you’ll pay,
But we will never betray allies we just like to blow them away,
We love Francoism, but we never can convey,
Its meaning, Like Michael Jackson nose it changes every other day

Lets not pretend, you descend, from something so great, unlike you we don’t depend
on meat shields and call them a friend, when their not,
I think its time to defend,
what we are believing, relieving the pain from those who met their end.
What we are doing is trying to send, a message so we stop trying to pretend
they’ll get better, its a trend, try to comprehend, we all need form together and
never turn into them, they can’t do this again.

We need to stop this hypocrisy,
they’re not stopping me,
blocking me, and causing animosity,
obviously, they causing these atrocities,
killing anyone and saying its pure generosity.

I got nothing to lose, and I would never use
people for their numbers, I refuse, to be amused and to be accused,
of doing the same while we’re being abused,
lying as an excuse, like them mother fuckers do.

Your alliance is lame, the same alliance with no brain,
the same who does anything for its personal gain
stopping any opposing players from playing the game,
you’re the reasoning its going in the drain,
so try to refrain
any attempts in trying to complain,
cause YOU have shaped the game and what it has became,
cause you don’t understand why players tend to flame,
everything you did to them, you’ll get it to and feel the same.

The mob is about to arise, to your surprise,
so i advise, if your wise,
stop now or say your goodbyes,
no one will answer your cries,
this is the beginning of your demise,
how I despise, an alliance your size,
that tries to form diplomatic ties,
saying its friendship but we all know its a disguise,
and always deprives the lives of other sides,
you’re against the tide, I’ll ride with pride, but don’t even try to hide, goodbye. [Goodbye mother fuckers]
This is a war, lets win it cause we are within it, lets spin it and end it cause they were the ones who began it
now we can distinguish our enemies and make sure they diminish, till they exist no more and till they are finished
they’re a fire to be extinguished, their honor was relinguished, let me paint the image, cause the thing is,
this is the battle this isn’t no scrimmage, so bring it, We’d serve Moo at Burger King but he’d taste worst then expired dried spinach,

[or something like that]

Sharing is Caring

I just purchased the domain www.sharing-is-caring.net and I am looking for ideas for what to do with it and/or people who are willing to help me work on it. I have a few obvious prospects, but would love some input. Just email me at [email protected]

Also, I’ve changed the number of nodes on the front page to 10 to eliminate/minimise lag from flash content.



– Fuck Telstra and their gay ass shitfaced cock sucking ways
– 100 megabits/second up in this bitch – download movies in minutes!
– 51% government owned, so profiteering capitalistfags can go and fuck themselves
– Gonna cost $43Bn, so you know it’ll be good
– FINALLY puts us on par with most European countries