FBI wants backdoors in social networks, VoIP, email – everything

The level of bullshit is amazing here.


“CNET learns the FBI is quietly pushing its plan to force surveillance backdoors on social networks, VoIP, and Web e-mail providers, and that the bureau is asking Internet companies not to oppose a law making those backdoors mandatory.”

Now this is the best part:

“If you create a service, product, or app that allows a user to communicate, you get the privilege of adding that extra coding,”

There is no excuse to not use FOSS and encrypt the shit out of everything.

This is also pretty fucked up, 22 year old visionary kid who was working on a failbook killer – a free, not-for-profit, open-source and distributed social network was found dead – allegedly by “suicide”.


According to Moglen, Zhitomirskiy was “immensely talented” and “the most idealistic of the group

Just a month before his death, he said this:

…our distributed design means no big corporation will ever control Diaspora. Diaspora* will never sell your social life to advertisers, and you won’t have to conform to someone’s arbitrary rules or look over your shoulder before you speak.

Stallman warned us all damnit – he warned us this shit would happen!

Meanwhile in USA

US Defense Secretary is documented stating the US military is no longer accountable to the US Senate

The occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan is small level practice to occupy and categorize, through biometrics, a larger population

The massive datacenter being built by the NSA in a remote section of Utah is nearing completion

The term “creeping fascism” which directly relates to the increasingly oppressive atmosphere in the US has been deleted from Wikipedia multiple times

The US Department of Defense employs over a million more people than the People’s Liberation Army of China

Supreme Court OK’s strip search of any detainee by law officers

CISPA, the legislative sequel to PIPA and SOPA, now allows a provision for protection of private entities as well as governmental, taking away all high profile support against such a bill by the likes of Google and Facebook

DoD has developed internet technology not unlike that of China and Iran to “dissuade negative views of America” through automated web responses and distraction to subject irrelevance.

Drones, both in use by private corporations and the government, have been given the OK by the Congress and FAA

The DEA is showing no signs of slowing the War on Drugs as pot dispensaries and pharmacies are raided

The NDAA for 2012 states that US land, our homeland, is now part of the battlefield in the War on Terror

Protesting within 100 feet of a politician being protected by the Secret Service is now illegal

Congress is trying to pass a bill that would bar American citizens from traveling abroad if they owe the IRS more than $50,000

It is illegal for your child to sell lemonade in your own front yard

TSA continues to infringe upon our civil liberties

Voting fraud and political corruption continue to run rampant

US has the world’s highest prison population

The Courts grant corporations “personhood,” approving the legality of Super PACS
(look what happened as a result, the two presidential candidates are one in the same)

The average American remains blissfully ignorant

It is not only legal, but legally mandatory for children to be sexually molested at airports