Possibly my best cooking yet

On the left is a salad consisting of;
– Mixed lettuce
– Cucumber
– Tomato
– Capsicum
– Crab
– Onion
– Flaxseed Oil

On the right we have;
– Boiled Fresh Ocean Trout
– Free Range Chicken Eggs
– Avocado
– Kimchi
– Wakame

And to help it go down, the highest quality juice in the world – Preshafruit Pink Lady Apple.

Australia – a Country of unfair Entitlements

  • negative gearing
  • exemptions for the family home from the pensions means test
  • superannuation concessions that disproportionately benefit the wealthy
  • paid parental schemes that disproportionately benefit the wealthy
  • baby bonuses
  • fringe benefit concessions on company cars
  • diesel fuel concessions for miners
  • free guarantees for offshore bank borrowing

Every single one of these things is economic and social cancer.