News [ 29 March ]

I’ve been very busy in the last few weeks, so little time to post the good news, but here are some.

UK Releases more UFO Files

Fun fun fun.

Download links + article here

National Service Bill passes Senate

Obama and his crusade to begin conscription to USA.

Bill News
ATS Thread, some interesting extracts from the bill

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories, voted on by ATS members

Debunking Pseudoskepticism: Common fallacies

An interesting and wonderful read.


Numchuck Guy

I swear, I’ve seen this before at some point – and yet, I still can’t stop laughing.

And then after watching the video, read this comment;

The brilliance of it is not that he failed and beaned his head, but that he gets up and tries to do the nunchuks afterwards. His desire to look cool never ends, even as he’s failing miserably.

Norton and PIFTS.exe

Of course everyone should know that Norton make the most fail-prone, crappy anti-virus and related products which are useless bloatware, and if you want real protection you should choose nod32 or kaspersky…

But now Norton have truly set their users up the bomb.

In a very recent Norton update, users were asked to download a file called PIFTS.exe, which allegedly collects some kind of information from you and sends it to certain IP addresses. It has been claimed that it is sent to somewhere in Africa – however other users have denied this claim. The IP addresses which I am aware of it tries to contact are two – the first, a Microsoft IP, and the second is an unknown IP address within USA (somebody claimed Google). I didn’t save the IPs anywhere, so I can’t put them up here at this time.

A lot of people have been posting on the Norton forums at – and the staff have deleted every single post and thread made about the file, and banned every user who made these posts and threads.

People have rang up Symantec about it, and they have been put on hold, lied to, told the staff know nothing, etc.

Important Links

Tech Link Blog Article
ATS Thread
Another Blog
Symantec Co-operates with the FBI, on logging users’ keystrokes
Disasembled Program (assembly code of pifts.exe)

There’s a lot more links at the above links.

Steps to solve the problem

1. Uninstall all Symantec Software, making special note to get rid of their UpdateLive crap or whatever they call it these days.
2. Be sure to shift+delete everything to do with Norton and Symantec on your computer.
3. Install kaspersky or nod32.
4. ???
5. $$ Profit $$

The US secretly owns $60 TRILLION worth of investments, stocks, corporations, etc

Every single city, county, state and even the federal government of USA keeps 2 books. They have the annual operating budget which has expenditure and a certain proportion of revenue which the government entity in question chooses to spend – and this is the stuff that’s reported on everywhere. If you look at the CIA world factbook for example, the figures for the US Federal budget come from this report. However, then there is something called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report which contains all the investments, which each respective government entity has made since circa post-WW2, using taxpayer money. These investments have accumulated to approximately $60 Trillion dollars, if you combine all of them from all the cities, counties, states and the federal report. All of these investments and all of the revenue which comes from them annually is not reported in the regular budget report. This money which was created using taxpayer funds does not benefit the taxpayers one bit.

The proof? Believe it or not, you can obtain these CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports), from any government entity simply by asking for them. They are not classified – in fact, they are sent out to all the media – which never report on them.

You can get many of the balance sheets at this link. If you live in USA, you should approach your local city or county or even your state, and ask them for the latest Comprehensive Annual Financial Report to see for yourself.

Here is a video you should watch if you are interested;

Ron Paul Talks Economy

Ron must be really getting sick of this crap, he ain’t holding anything back. It’s hard to believe he is not the president…but then you consider that him being president is not favorable to the rich, the elite, the ruling, etc.

Interview with Glen Beck

Congressional Financial Hearing

UFO/Alien Encounter in 1989

Be Prepared For 2012 – Space Invaders Land In RussiaFree videos are just a click away

In before dumbarse ufo skeptics claim the entire city was on LSD.

Two Simple Experiments that Violate Known Physics